Email Marketing: The #1 Way To Engage Your Audience

Anne-Marie Ronsen
3 min readOct 20, 2020


Picking an email marketing agency is an important decision.

Whether you need an agency that will develop and manage your full email marketing strategy, or just want to outsource various tasks to someone so your team can focus more on what matters, you need to find the right agency that will get the job done.

You need to find an agency that can get you the results that you’re after and is a good fit for you and your team.

By identifying the services you need, you can eliminate any candidates that don’t provide those services and make your list of candidates more manageable.

Maybe you just want an agency to perform an audit and analysis of your current email marketing strategy. Maybe you want someone to help with deliverability issues.

If so, there’s no point in spending more than you have to. Some agencies require a heavy investment in order to hire them. Others give you more options to create a plan that suits you.

By determining your needs, you can build a list of agencies that:

  • Offer the services you need.
  • Allow you to create customizable service packages that best suit your needs.
  • Make sure your vendor has the features and qualities as a company that will prepare you and your clients for long term success.
  • Security and infrastructure: Ensure you the platform you choose is reliable, because your clients will perceive it as an extension — even a product — of your business. If it’s unstable, it makes your business look unreliable. So, what exactly constitutes “reliable?” As a reference point, i-Autoresponder has a 99.9% uptime.
  • Support: Occasionally, even world-class email marketing solutions don’t work exactly as you might expect them to. So it’s important to assess the vendor’s support offering to make sure you have support when you need it. But what’s the standard of support you should be looking for? i-Autoresponder offers around-the-clock email support, with phone support options available on certain plans. It’s worth considering whether anything less than this could be a hinderance down the road.
  • Deliverability: Your agency may be full of design and content experts, but you likely don’t have a team dedicated to understanding deliverability laws. Find an email marketing vendor that will worry about that for you and ensure your clients’ emails always land in inbox.

Email-Marketing Services

At i-Autoresponder, we eat, sleep, and breathe email marketing. From building strong value propositions to figuring out why you’re not meeting your conversion goals, our technical, strategic, and creative email-marketing services teams do it all. Work with us on your entire email program, a specific email-marketing campaign, or an individual project. Let us be your email-marketing solution!

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