How to Buy Targeted Traffic at the Best Price on Market?

Anne-Marie Ronsen
3 min readSep 23, 2022


SEO, PPC, Adsense, affiliate marketing, dropping your CTR, are certainly some of the best ways to benefit from visitors, since getting high amounts of traffic in a “White Hat” way means investing a lot of time and money to produce good results. One way to help you reach results faster is buying website traffic at unbeatable prices.

Buying targeted traffic is actually about investing money in capturing the attention of potential customers in order to get more money later. It means advertising on different sources to your target audience.

You may buy website traffic but are you sure that you can convert it? It is important to create a website that is a logical continuation of your marketing efforts.

It should have a clean, responsive, and intuitive design, the landing page should be as attractive as the ad itself, the buying process should be very easy and straightforward.

We also recommend creating a mailing list. Those customers who are interested in your business but are not ready to buy yet will receive valuable content that will remind them of your products and build trust. In order to get a customer’s email, you can:

  • offer exclusive content for the newsletter subscribers
  • offer a community
  • offer exclusive sales and coupons to newsletter subscribers
  • use lead generation offers (ebooks, checklists, webinars, studies, statistics, infographics, etc.)
  • share newsletter previews on social media
  • create an appealing popup

Working together, advertising, email marketing, and good landing pages and website structure can do wonders to your return on ads spent and significantly lower your cost per acquisition.

Where to buy high converting traffic?

So where is the high converting traffic sold? What platforms are the best to run campaigns with?

WebTargetedTraffic DSP as the best way to buy high converting traffic

One of the best ways to buy high converting traffic is to turn to Demand Side Platforms. WebTargetedTraffic is a good example of a reputable independent DSP that offers global coverage, access to major publishers, and most importantly affordable CPM prices. The platform is among the most effective traffic sources for affiliate marketing or for driving traffic to e-Commerce stores.

You can target users based on their demographics, psychographics, geolocation, online behavior, type of device, and operating system. Retargeting options and weather-dependent offers are available as well.

You will receive 100% human quality, effectiveness, good price, speed and geo-targeted traffic. Not only thousands of visits to your website, but also can grow your social networks, increase your subscribers, make your YouTube videos more popular and so on.

WebTargetedTraffic is an ad network that welcomes numerous trusted publishers, connects them with advertisers, and is considered to be a decent platform to buy high converting traffic. You can reach 196 countries and small, medium, or big publishers with the network.

The network offers a wide range of digital ad formats: pop-unders, push notifications, interstitials (covers the full screen), banners, and native ads. As for targeting, you can choose the location, language, device, IP, timezone, etc. Two unique features that attract advertisers are ad fraud detection tools that help you to bypass ad blockers and, therefore, reach wider audiences.

Unlike Google Ads, which introduces your website or business to potential customers, WebTargetedTraffic introduces potential audiences to your business or website through target marketing.

Buying high converting traffic is not that complicated if you know where and how to buy it. Make sure to get prepared (find your target audience and align ads to buyer’s journey), find your perfect ad platform, and test and optimize your ad campaigns to get the best results.